Bespoke Cleaning

Tobias Batkin - Managing Director

Tobias started Bespoke in 2005 in his parents’ kitchen because commercial cleaning needed to change.

Initiating a new and innovative approach to service delivery, Bespoke was built on the belief that a cleaning service should always deliver what has been promised.

Abandoning the traditional model, which entirely hinged on area managers, was a bold first step.

Soon Bespoke were recruiting operational staff from outside the industry, committing to 24/7 operational availability and building a customer service function that delivered what clients wanted.

Being a big believer in the sum of marginal gain, Tobias drove a focus on smaller, seemingly insignificant details so that Bespoke could build a service delivery style that is totally reflective of their clients’ wishes.

From a process to ensure cover for last minute sickness, to project managing mobilisation of new contracts; Bespoke continuously innovates.

Building on rapid early success, Tobias now seeks to lead Bespoke and the wider industry into a new era. Flipping public perceptions of cleaning jobs on their head, he wants to redefine the meaning of entry level employment.

Inspired by the successes of his sister Alice, whose life has flourished despite severe disabilities, Tobias has forged partnerships with charities, such as Mencap, in order to give those who have had opportunity pass them by, a first chance at meaningful paid work.

In the coming months, Tobias will continue to position Bespoke as the flag-bearer of a new type of cleaning company, with exceptional service, at its core.