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Bespoke Cleaning actually started life as a PC cleaning company back in 2005! Today, we remain one of the few commercial cleaning businesses to offer this service in house, through our specialist Bugbusters PC cleaning service.

So, why clean your PC? Because uncleaned they can be dirtier than toilets! Ultimately, it’s the one part of the office that gets used every day and yet receives the least amount of cleaning. With hot desking becoming more prevalent, it’s even more important to ensure workstations are clean and hygienic. With our years of experience, there are many ways we can deliver your service, whether in or out of office hours and to take account of the fact that many people don’t come in every day. If you’re unsure as to how this service might work for you, get in touch and we’ll gladly explore the possibilities with you.

As a commercial cleaning company, we know what day-to-day cleaning entails when it comes to your PCs. A contract cleaning service would usually involve a wipe of the monitor and the use of a feather duster (and we’d always recommend doing this, in addition to periodic deep cleans). It’s similar to the need to deep clean carpets even when they’re vacuumed on a daily basis. The service is designed to leave all touch surfaces looking like new. The chances are that you’re within eyeshot of a keyboard as you read this; it’s worth taking a quick look between the keys, where you’ll see remnants of lunches amongst other unmentionable things! The great news is that we can safely remove all of this dirt and debris, using our powerful back-mounted vacuum cleaners.

Having cleaned computers for almost 20 years, we know that no matter how clean we might leave PCs and keyboards, if cables fall out of the monitors or if we leave a smear mark across a screen, then it takes the shine off what is always a very popular service. This is also why all of our work is fully supervised with every machine quality control checked. This way, when someone returns to their desk, they’ll only have the positive experience of sitting down at their perfectly clean, gleaming PC and keyboard!

In addition to PCs and keyboards, our electrical cleaning service includes phones, printers, laptops; anything with an electrical cable. Our PC and keyboard cleaning service handles all the sensitive electrical parts of a premises that aren’t touched by (most) cleaning companies.

In addition, we have a Server and Comms Room cleaning team, which you can find out about by clicking HERE.

Why choose us?

  1. 1

    All work undertaken by specialist PC cleaning operatives, with many thousands of PCs cleaned per person

  2. 2

    We vacuum using back-mounted vacuum cleaners to remove particulate from keyboards and fans

  3. 3

    We clean all grime using our unique formula—anti-static, environmentally-friendly, non-corrosive

  4. 4

    We disinfect using alcohol as recommended by the HSE

  5. 5

    All work is quality control checked at time of cleaning to ensure no cables have dropped out of monitors and no kit has been missed

  6. 6

    We only charge for what we clean and will deliver a full report after each clean